Monday, 17 March 2014


assalamualaikum semua,...

hehehe, a long time ago i have decided to stop writing and keep doing whatever i like to do,
so many time i want to delete this blog but my hand just like dont want me to delete it because some of my story was very value able to delete. its show my feeling that time
but i feel like lost something...
and i realize that writing blog is one of my habit even im not very active to share whatever i want to share..

so many draft in my blog, afraid to publish or dont want to share...
it make me realize, lets stop write whatever u want to write...
even this was my second blog (1st blog i have deleted due of some weirdo follower)

after attending IMKK intensif magnet kekayaan dan kejayaan by DAO Dr Azizan Osman i keep thinking, i want to share all my ilmu that i get from various place....
i mind to share to help more people because i have feeling like hopeless long time ago due of lack of money
i want this, i want to go there, i want to help people, i sad keep seeing poor people, i get hurt seeing all folks, poor people that take a rubish to sell it berapa sen sangat dapat kan?

i keep blame myself. why i dont have enough money to give them??
long time ago at Alor Setar i accidentally see this old man when walking to stesen keretaapi alor star to get home, dont know either Chinese or malay because Chinese people also can look like malay.

that time i was happily feel my last moment(maybe), thank to Allah give me a chance to view his Greatness, to hold Alor Star in my heart as one of my life journey,and i walking to Alor Star stesen because it will be my last time to go back home since it was my last semester.

i remember how in front of me ware old man tengah kutip tin kosong, dan dia memandang dengan senyuman yang bahagia. He give me a big SMILE, ikhlas SMILE, in his smile i can see all his sadness, thankful to god to keep his alive, sorrow, hard life that he had to face, ikhlas smile. im never see such a smile that was given to me. as a STRANGER.... Ya Allah almighty please keep that old man that i dont know who a life, give him ur greatness rezeki, keep meeting his with ikhlas, dermawan people and please give his a happily live.. aminn...

ok, i think that all i mind to share today and remember

great people when he do something, he will do until the end

Lot of Love,
Ain Syuhadah M.Shukur